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    LED UV nail lamp 48W , Mod. SN468

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    Pro Cure Cordless 48w LED UV Lamp

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    Removable Battery design for very easy replacement

    Acetone Proof PC Material on top

    Housing Cordless & Rechargeable for convenient salon use

    LCD Carving Logo for your own customization

    Lithium battery @ 5200mA, Battery Working time @ 4 hours, full charging time @ 3.5 hours

    High Power 48w - 24pcs

    Powerful 365nm + 405nm

    LEDs - Fast Curing any uv or led gels

    Sensitive Touch button with 4 LCD time display timer: 15,30, 45, 60 second

    Smart model with 5 power increased by 6w, 12w, 18w, 24w, 30w, 36w, 40w, 48w. Fast auto sensor activated

    Unique Carry Handle for easy carry

    Adjustable "feet" for convenient pedicure use

    Mirror-finish interior for even light distribution

    Spacious, comfortable interior for all hand sizes & nail lengths

    Removal base plate easily for feet pedicure

    50,000H Life time never need replace led bulbs

    Universal AC adapter 100 - 240v 50/60Hz

    Product Details
    New product
    How to use

    How to use:

    1. Connect the power adapter to the LED light, then insert the adapter into an outlet or power strip to turn the light on and begin to work.

    If light's rechargeable battery is charged, then it is not necessary to connect the power adapter. We recommend to charge overnight for at least seven hours. (Charger shows red light while charging, green light means fully charged)

    Note: Light has a separate power switch. Turn off the switch and lamp will power off automatically (when not connected to external power source). When using an external power source, the power switch does not work. The lamp will recharge and the background light will be turned on.

    2. Default timer is 15s. Touch the button of timer 15s directly and the countdown of 15s will begin and the LED light will turn on. The light will turn off automatically after 15s. To choose another timer, select and touch the switch of desired time (30s/45s/60s) directly. Touch again to turn the light on and begin countdown. To turn off the LED light in advance, touch the switch of your selected timer again to stop.

    3. Automatic sensor function. There is an auto touch-sensor system on this light, so the light can also be turned on by inserting hand or foot inside unit, and turned off by removing hand or foot from unit. (Only the direct or indirect touch of the human body can activate this function. The working principle is the same as touch-screen on a smart phone.) The light will still turn off automatically when timer is finished.

    4. Recommended curing times:

    Base coat gel 30s

    Gel polish (lighter colors) 60s

    Gel polish (darker colos) 60s

    Top coat gel 30s

    Recommended curing times are per layer. For longer wear, cure the top coat for 60 seconds. The surface will remain tacky until the final cure and cleansing of nails.

    5. Smart curing function. Press 60s timer button and the power of led lamp will gradually increase from 6W,12W,18W,24W,30W,36W,40W, to 48W. The light will become brighter with 60s time countdown. This is designed for more comfortable painless curing for longer time.


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