Green light

Luxury 6%, 1000ml

Oxidant Milk

9,27 €

Shine & Protection Technology
  2,1% - 7vol. 3% - 10 vol.  6% - 20 vol.  9% - 30 vol.  12% - 40 vol.
1000 ml 33,8 fl. OZ

Used in combination with Green Light Luxury haircolor allowing a professional colourant to be obtained in an extensive variety of nuances. Contains principle active ingredients that protect the hair, leaving them looking soft and shiny. Allows excellent coverage of white hair, a uniform and a long lasting colour. Its initial volume remains unaltered even after a long periods of time, having been stabilised and formulated with high quality ingredients. How to use: Mix one part of Green Light Luxury haircolor and two parts of Green Light Luxury Latte Emulsion. Contains 2,1% of hydrogen peroxide. Warning: Do not expose to sun's rays. Store in a cool place. Avoid contact with eyes. Should this occur, rinse immediately and consult a specialist. Use suitable gloves. Don't inhale. Keep out of reach of children. For professional use.

An authentic ‘beauty treatment' that will make you forget all other colorations.
Create your color expressions with Luxury Haircolor Cream!
The precious ingredients, White Tea and Orchid Butter, profoundly nourish and illuminate the hair.
United, these ingredients form a complex that has Long Lasting - Anti-Age and Anti-Pollution properties, which constantly protect the structure of the hair, the color and shine from the aggressions of smog, sun and free radicals. You will experience soft, silky hair with an extraordinary color that will last over time.

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