Algemarina® dry shampoo with Q10

Algemarina® dry shampoo with Q10, 75ml

3,99 €

Algemarina dry shampoo is the perfect way to clean real and artificial hair in a few minutes without water. The best possible care for well-groomed and beautiful hair. Highly active substances dissolve oils and dirt. The smooth special powder can be brushed out easily. The hair becomes silky and mellow. The style stays in shape longer. Q10 is known for its anti-aging properties to the cells and thereby mitigates the effect of the shampoo for skin.

Use Algemarina dry shampoo if you are late for work, in a hurry to a party after a long working day in the evening, or whenever you are unable to wash your hair.

Algemarina - dry shampoo line, which helps in a hair care. It is the perfect solution when you running out of time, but you need to keep the hairstyle loose and lively. Efficient, fast and easy!

Instructions: Put on negligees. Comb the hair thoroughly. Shake well dry shampoo Algemarina. Spray on the divided strands of hair individually approximately from 20cm distance, each time shake the bottle. Let the hair to get a bit dry, then dry with a towel and comb carefully. The residues of dry shampoo you can easily blow with a cold air stream of a hair dryer.

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