Color reverse, 2*200ml. 200 ml.

Removes hair dyes

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HAIR HAIR Sustainable way of removing the pigments for paints

- Fast - results within 20 minutes.

- Safe - contains no ammonia

- Highly effective - only hair dye color pigments without affecting the natural hair color

This is the safest way to remove unwanted hair dye color. The measure repeals the pigment in hair dye without touching not only the natural hair color, but without detriment to the hair structure.

Usage: a clean bottle mix equal proportions of color and color on the reverse of a reverse of 2 to 1: 1. Mass of the mix until it is completely solid. Use directly on unwashed, dry hair. Leave to act for 15 minutes (for better effect, we recommend the use of a cap). After 20 minutes, rinse abundantly with water and wash with shampoo Salerm company. In order to remove all paint residues, we recommend the use of additional oxidants Salerm emulsion of 10 vol. Mix well Salerm oxidants emulsion 10 vol. with water in equal proportions of 1:1. Put the oxidation of emulsion and water mixture on your hair well after išskalavus hair color on the reverse of removal. Leave to act for 5 minutes. Oxidants in the emulsion and water harvesting will close in color phase. Ample water and rinse your hair, use one of the company Salerm conditioners (for example Salerm 21, Deep Impact, ..). Please note that if the procedure you want to put on your hair, the hair is very receptive to the shade and tone should be used from 1 to 1.5 brighter dyes, thus obtain the desired result. 48VAL COLORS OF HARVESTING PROCEDURE In the absence of hair coloring!



200 ml
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