Green light

Volumizing Shampoo, 1000ml

With Panthenol and Cotton Oil

18,83 €

Volumizing Shampoo , 1000 mlnnWith Panthenol and Cotton Oil nnnRich in Panthenol and Cotton Oil, it delicately cleanses the hair without weighing it down. It gives body to the roots and strengthens long hair, wrapping a protective film around the hair shaft for extra body and vitality.nnHow to use:napply to wet hair, massage and rinse off. nComplete the treatment with the Volumizing Mask, then proceed with the desired styling. nnGreen Light presents the new Day by Day beauty treatments, created both for the professional and for the final consumer. Five lines that answer the specific needs of all hair types’ every-day care and daily preserve the hair’s natural balance. Thanks to the shampoos, masks and fluids contained in the Day By Day Line, the hair is healthy, clean, hydrated, easy to comb and style. A new daily ritual, to take care of your hair. nnFive lines for all hair types.nn• Straightening, it disciplines wild and dry hair; n• Curl, it reinvigorates curly hair and gives it new elasticity;n• Volumizing, it gives volume and body to fine hair;n• Color protection, it protects and enhances the color, giving shine to colored hair; n• Nutri shine, it nourishes treated hair, giving it body and shine.nHigh-quality active principles for delicate and effective products.nTomato extract, sunflower oil and honey to deeply nourish, restore and hydrate the hair, giving it shine and body.nnCotton oil and cocoa butter to make the hair soft and easy to comb, thanks to their fortifying and hydrating properties. Vitamin E to preserve the beauty of the color and protect the scalp.

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