Iridia, 20ml.

Coloring cream Ammonia free

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  • ir188 - black blue
    ir188 - black blue
  • ir5735 - light brown brasilian c
    ir5735 - light brown brasilian c
  • ir579 - cacao brasil
    ir579 - cacao brasil
  • ir631 - dark blond beige
    ir631 - dark blond beige
  • ir0765 - cherry coke
    ir0765 - cherry coke

Iridia means a breakthrough for the evolution of hair color, it is the first in the world that clarifies without containing PPD or ammonia. Currently there is no color chart in the world that is free of these components, except for Salerm Cosmetics.
Iridia secrecy comes to design and understand color as a formula composed of three different but perfect union, so the final color has been divided into three parts (color tube, oil oxidation and protect), to have:
"In one, packed in tubes, pure colors next generation micro compounds capable of binding dye molecules to one another within the hair cortex to increase resistance to oxidation, achieving a top tether is not achieved in any formula today . These pigments are free of PPD, which is the color Iridia with less chance of allergies of all those found in today's job market.

"An oil protect, in the form of cream gel that acts as a vehicle for the pigment reaches the hair freedom to improve contact with the hair shaft, making the color uniformity is achieved accuracy from roots to ends, without over-saturation of color and brightness perfectly natural. This system represents a major advance, since the dye base becomes the traditional cream, a nourishing and protective creamgel that conditions where the presence of ammonia is not necessary.

COMPELEMENTARY GOODS: 1) IRIDIA oxidant ( R792 - 6%, R793-9%, R794 - 12%) 2) IRIDIA oleo protect cream (R791).

20ml IRIDIA coloring cream + 40ml IRIDIA oleo protect cream + 60ml IRIDIA oxidant.

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